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Shaolin Dragon Martial Arts teaches traditional Shaolin Kung Fu to all ages and levels of fitness and abilities. The classes are a fun and safe way to get fit, build self confidence and learn a traditional martial arts system that will assist you in becoming the best version of yourself!Practice safe and effective self defense skills, traditional Shaolin kung fu forms and kicks, sanda (Chinese kick boxing), qigong, self healing and meditation.The classes will run to the school terms (10 week blocks). Check timetable for specific classes and class times. Classes run every Tuesday and Thursday evening. You can sign up to do one class per week or all available classes.When you begin your training with Shaolin Dragon Martial Arts you will be given the opportunity to grade two times per year, and with persistence and hard work eventually achieve the ranking level of black belt.Training in Shaolin Kung Fu is ultimately about achieving balance. More specifically achieving balance in ones Mind, Body and Spirit. In Shaolin this is referred to as ‘The Three Treasures’. The first treasure is Chan which refers to cultivating and strengthening the mind through meditation and positive thinking. The second treasure is Wu which refers to strengthening the body through physical kung fu training and the third treasure is Yi which refers to qigong and other types of Chinese Medicines that cultivate and promote health and longevity.The children’s classes are designed to promote life skills which will better prepare them for school life. They will train in basic Shaolin kung fu skills that are age appropriate. They will learn about self defense, stranger danger and participate in role playing games which will equip them with templates they can recall in real life situations on how they can communicate in a confident and respectful manner.

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